New Pedal Day

Today I was lucky enough to receive this gem of a pedal from the legendary Chicago Music Exchange, which happened to have a couple left from this very limited run of insane pedals.  

Spaceman Pedals (from Portland) specializes in making peals that go beyond many of the other normal builds floating around the boutique effect market. Each of their unique builds use very rare old soviet components which makes each run of pedals limited to the stock they can get their hands on.  Combine these unique components with military spec wiring, beautifully nostalgic aesthetics and versitile controls and out pops truly a one of a kind pedal experience.

The Sputnik, seen here, is a germanium based fuzz circuit that uses special old stock germanium top hat transistors.  When used on my Bass (Rickenbacker in this test) I don’t loose really any tone clarity. With the usual fuzz type controls alone the versatility of this pedal can change from a thick warm and smooth fuzz tone to a very brash splay and buzzy tone.

Aside from being an awesome sounding germanium fuzz the two switches make Sputnik travel to Voyager depth reaches of the known universe:

"The Filter switch enables a second tone-circuit variation, effectively doubling the variety of tonal options compared to traditional fuzz pedals.  The Sync/Drift switch, when set to Drift, turns the otherwise mild-mannered Sputnik into a corrupt death ray of fuzz; Synth tones, oscillation, pseudo-octaves, 8-bit artifacts and much more.  Adding a layer of control to this double personality is the final dial on the Sputnik, a mini control knob labeled Scan.  All other controls become very interactive in the Drift setting, as well as your instrument’s control knobs and switches."

Through use it seems that the filter is a kind of bass cut and mid scoop.

Definitly go check out Spaceman’s site.  Each of his pedal builds include several aesthetic variations, and I’m sure this builder has only just begun to influence the game.

Love the aesthetic.